Site Guide

Akkoza Houses Site Living Guide

Moving to / from the Site

  1. The owners of the flats to be moved to / from the Site should inform the AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT at least 3 days before the realization of the move.
  2. The dues and water debts of the apartment, if any, shall be paid by the former floor owner before the move takes place. The moved tenant, on the other hand, ensures that the apartment is paid in consultation with the owner. The dues and water debts of the apartment are paid before the move takes place. Dues and water debts can not be moved out of the site.
  3. It is not possible to move to the site from 08.30 outside 18.30 and outside on Sundays. The owners of the apartments to be moved on Sunday must obtain the permission of the Board of Directors.
  4. During transportation, only the freight elevator should be used and covered with strong material so as not to damage the cabin elevators. Damage caused by any breakage and friction that may occur in the elevator during transportation is compensated by the transported person.
  5. Before the relocation takes place, the relocation report must be signed by the security personnel, the owner of the apartment to be resident and the company carrying out the relocation. The owner of the flat is responsible for the damage and loss that will occur in the common areas during the relocation after signing this record.

Block Entries and Shelters:

  1. Parcels, unused items, baby strollers, bicycles and pots should not be left in the entrances and shelters of the block in such a way as to disrupt the appearance and / or prevent movement.
  2. Slippers such as shoes, shoes are not left in front of the doors for a short time.
  3. No garbage is left in front of the independent section door in front of the garbage collection sections.
  4. It is forbidden to make environmental noises at the entrance and landing zones of the block.
  5. Keeping the entrance and landing walls of the block clean; It is forbidden to stick things, and parents should take care that children do not pollute walls with writing and painting. The child compensates the parent for any damage caused.
  6. Block entrance doors should be kept closed by independent residents. The doors inside the block are opened from outside by an encrypted system and the passwords will be arranged for each Block and will be notified to the residents of the Independent section.
  7. Block passwords should not be shared with visitors or non-residents.

In-Apartment Restoration, Renovation and Repair

  1. Repairs to be made by you residents within the independent section should be made within the hours of 09: 00-18: 00 during the weekdays.
  2. Site management should be informed in advance about independent in-department distribution repairs and the principles of the Management Plan should be followed.
  3. The residents of the independent department should take care that the in-house repair works are completed in a short time and without disturbing the environment and the construction wastes formed during the repair should be taken out of the Site by the independent department resident or by the repairing company so as not to pollute the environment after the completion of the repair.
  4. The residents of the independent department should report the license plates of the company and employees to the Site Management for repair and should not request any concessions about security.

Block Facades

  1. The exterior of the block should not be modified in a manner that does not conform to the general appearance of the buildings in the Site and / or may impair the overall appearance.
  2. It is not possible to paint the facades individually by the owner even if they are the same color by independent residents.
  3. The residents of the independent section should get approval from the Site Management regarding the air conditioners to be installed in the independent sections. No site resident can install air conditioner wherever he wants.
  4. Without the approval of the Site Management by the residents of the independent floors with garden floors, no equipment can be installed in the garden and the entrance of the independent section from the garden, even if it is for decoration purposes, it cannot be modified.
  5. Independent section residents who use the garden floor sunshade and so on. They should not do anything without consulting the Site Management and receiving information about the sun visor sample they will use.


  1. The garbage of the independent sections will be collected from 18.00 – 19.00 hours in front of the cleaning staff. Never leave any garbage in front of the doors of the independent section outside the garbage collection hours, closed nights
  2. Apart from Balcony and Glass Smoking Apartment. throwing is strictly prohibited. If found, Legal Ways shall be Taken for the Application of Criminal Procedure on the Complaints of Other Residents.
  3. Residents of the individual compartment should leave the garbage bags in front of the independent compartment door with their mouths closed in a sturdy, non-leaky garbage bag.
  4. Old objects or large objects to be disposed of can be cleaned away from the site. In this way, the cleaning element should not be asked for help.

Garden – Green Areas

  1. Flowers should not be plucked, the flowers should not be damaged.
  2. Ball should not be played on grass, bicycles should not be used.
  3. There should not be a picnic on the lawns and food should not be eaten.
  4. Flowers, shrub forms, plants, tree saplings should not be planted in the common garden areas / green areas without the knowledge of the site management.
  5. The green areas located in front of the garden floors and in the project are allocated to that independent section. There are common areas allocated together cannot be used indiscriminately and / or the goal of use there. There should be no planting and / or planting contrary to the landscaping project of the independent section landscaping allocated to the garden.
  6. Cigarette butts and similar pollutants are not thrown into the green area.
  7. The plants in the existing green area should not be removed without informing the Site Management with personal considerations. They must not be moved.
  8. You should not allow your pets to mess up on the lawn in the green area and garden.


  1. Although it is forbidden for independent residents to be allowed to feed their pets at home, pets can be fed in independent sections with the decisions and ideas that independent residents will take jointly in their own blocks. However, this situation should never be a reason for compliance with the law. It does not come as permitted by the site management.

Outdoor Sports Ares

  1. Sports facilities should be used between 10.00 – 22.00. Residents cannot bring guests from outside to sports areas open for weekends and holidays.
  2. The site management shall ensure that sports facilities are kept constantly locked for safety and not used for other purposes.

Parking and Covered Garage

  1. Akkoza Houses Business owners or operators are obliged to use the car park clean and in compliance with the rules. Otherwise, Legal Remedies will be applied upon the complaint of other residents.
  2. Guest vehicles are strictly prohibited to use the indoor and outdoor car parks.
  3. Garbage and ashtrays in the vehicle should not be emptied into or out of the parking lot.
  4. You can make sure that vehicles with private drivers do not keep their vehicles running while waiting for the owners of the independent section in the closed parking lot.
  5. Car wash, oil change, environmental pollutant repair and mop cleaning should not be done in parking lots.
  6. Parents should prevent children from entering the parking lot for a suitable or other purpose as a precaution against possible accidents.
  7. Mobile phone, laptop computer and so on. valuables should not be left visible.
  8. The fact that no keys are left on the vehicles in the parking lot and that the vehicle doors are locked when the vehicle is left are considered as personal measures against theft.
  9. Personal belongings should not be left in the parking lot and the items requested to be discarded must be reported to the site management.
  10. Even if there is an independent section resident vehicle, LPG (Tube) vehicles will not be entered and parked in the closed parking lots since they are not suitable for safety reasons.
  11. There should be no pressure on the security personnel to ensure that the visitor vehicles are parked on the site continuously.
  12. Vehicle keys should not be entrusted to the security, cleaning and technical personnel in charge of the site for any reason.
  13. Ambulance, fire vehicle and so on. emergency vehicles must be parked in such a way that they are not blocked.
  14. Residents cannot park their vehicles on the road within the Site, even though it is close to home.
  15. The vehicles must be parked in such a way that they do not interfere with the movement of other parked vehicles.

Visit Rules

  1. Responsibility for compliance with the rules and behavior of all visitors and visitors to the site belongs to the resident of the site.
  2. All Independent residents will inform the Site Management of the names and telephone numbers (home and mobile) of the assistants employed in their homes (Management Extension Phone 0 850 885 5858).

Cargo – Mail – Courier Services

  1. Security personnel at the main entrance do not have the duty to receive mail and courier-like documents from the residents. There is no need to insist on this issue.
  2. The incoming mail and the items to be delivered from the courier will be sent to the independent department after confirmation from the resident.

Dues Payments

  1. Dues lists will be posted to the block entrances within the first 10 days of each month to be announced to independent residents.
  2. The Borrower must pay the relevant account numbers within the first 10 days without warning.
  3. Dues payment follow-up is carried out by AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT. In case of delay in payments, they will apply the directives received from our board of directors. (Lawyer’s warning or enforcement etc.)

Service Considerations

  1. Requests and suggestions about the site should be reported to AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT if possible
  2. Do not interfere with the duties of the site personnel, requests and suggestions should be reported to AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT
  3. Special services should not be requested from the personnel of the service company in charge of the site.
  4. In terms of safety, the residents of the independent section, who will not be away from their homes for a long time for holiday or other purposes, should inform the AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT and leave their addresses and phone numbers if possible.
  5. The independent section residents who have purchased the independent section or moved to the Site as a tenant are required to apply to the General Directorate of AKKOZA HOUSES SITE MANAGEMENT for information.
  6. Personal damages caused to the site will be compensated by the persons or parents concerned.
  7. Opening and closing hours of the social facility of the site will be monitored by the project management and security personnel. There is no need to insist on entering these facilities outside of hours.
  8. Supporting the service company managers about the flow of information, sharing the issues concerning the Site as soon as possible and without waiting for the problem to grow will improve the quality of service.