Parking Rules

There is ONE parking space for each apartment.Remember that if you park more than one vehicle, you will seize other people’s rights.

Parking and Covered Garage

    1. Akkoza Houses Business owners or operators are obliged to use the car park clean and in compliance with the rules. Otherwise, Legal Remedies will be applied upon the complaint of other residents.
    2. Guest vehicles are strictly prohibited to use the indoor and outdoor car parks.
    3. Garbage and ashtrays in the vehicle should not be emptied into or out of the parking lot.
    4. You can make sure that vehicles with private drivers do not keep their vehicles running while waiting for the owners of the independent section in the closed parking lot.
    5. Car wash, oil change, environmental pollutant repair and mop cleaning should not be done in parking lots.
    6. Parents should prevent children from entering the parking lot for a suitable or other purpose as a precaution against possible accidents.
    7. Mobile phone, laptop computer and so on. valuables should not be left visible.
    8. The fact that no keys are left on the vehicles in the parking lot and that the vehicle doors are locked when the vehicle is left are considered as personal measures against theft.
    9. Personal belongings should not be left in the parking lot and the items requested to be discarded must be reported to the site management.
    10. Even if there is an independent section resident vehicle, LPG (Tube) vehicles will not be entered and parked in the closed parking lots since they are not suitable for safety reasons.
    11. There should be no pressure on the security personnel to ensure that the visitor vehicles are parked on the site continuously.
    12. Vehicle keys should not be entrusted to the security, cleaning and technical personnel in charge of the site for any reason.
    13. Ambulance, fire vehicle and so on. emergency vehicles must be parked in such a way that they are not blocked.
    14. Residents cannot park their vehicles on the road within the Site, even though it is close to home.
    15. The vehicles must be parked in such a way that they do not interfere with the movement of other parked vehicles.