Akkoza Houses Collective Area Management


Our Vision
To build the future using existing values.


For Residents

To manage our residences where safety, comfort, quality and aesthetics are together together with Akkoza Houses residents. Protect the habitats where green and nature are protected as much as possible. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction of our residents who will use these areas for generations.

For Our Personnel

To be an institution that is dominated by fairness and common sense towards employees, supporting innovative ideas, and clearly rewarding success targets for achieving these goals.

Environmental Policy

As Akkoza Houses Collective Building Management, at all stages of our activities; to ensure the protection of the environment by preventing air, water and soil pollution through the reduction and recycling of wastes, and to reduce the use of natural resources and to reuse as much reusable and recyclable materials as possible, and to develop an effective environmental management system in accordance with national and is to maintain and improve continuously in communication and cooperation with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.